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There are as many options for creating a website as there are actual websites it seems. The type of website and your budget will often dictate what direction you go when choosing your site. A great website with little advertising sometimes outperforms a basic website with traffic driven to it with advertising.

Figuring how where you invest your money is up to you and I’ve broken down the different levels (and costs) of websites below. I have personally used the ones that I discuss and as you’ll see they vary in complexity and cost. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions I’d be happy to help.

Google Sites Image.png

Google Sites - Free

Google sites is a free website builder with hosting from Google. If you go to Google Sites you’ll find a couple of options to build a website.

The normal version doesn’t allow for you to have your own custom domain but if you are a G Suite user (business gmail) you have much more capabilities.

There is some great information on the Google Sites Info Page that takes you through the whole process. Don’t let the lack of features and the Free scare you.

If you had $50 per month and had to choose which direction to go I might actually put up a basic page with Google Sites and spend the rest on advertising your site on Facebook or Google.

Adobe Spark.png

Adobe Spark Page - Free

Adobe Spark Page is a wonderful application within the Adobe Spark trio of Post, Page, and Video. beautiful templates that are easy to use make creating a website a snap.

You don’t get a lot of features with Spark Page but I feel like this keeps you from messing the website up. Too many sites get bogged down by heavy accessories and they end up looking jumbled and a mess.

The Free version of Spark Page will have a “Adobe Spark” logo on the page but that is not unlike many of the pages on the internet that have the platform or the web designers name on it.

This Free option will again allow you to create a site and invest the difference in some sort of advertising.

Envato Sites 2.jpg

Envato Sites - $4/month

Envato Sites is an option I found not too long ago. They have a Free version but for the $4/month you get to connect your own domain, have HTTPS encryption, and unlimited bandwidth and pages.

Easy templates make this a true bargain with as many options as many website platforms out there.

Squarespace Logo.jpg

Squarespace - $16-$46/month

Squarespace is what I currently use for my website. For me the platform is very simple to use and has a lot of features.

You don;t need to know a lot about design and there are enough templates to keep most people happy.

The ability to add tracking codes (from Facebook and Google) as well as the blog, analytics, and responsiveness of the page to various size viewer screens makes this my current favorite.


Facebook Page - Free

I know this sounds like a weird one but sometimes all you need is a good Facebook Business Page to get your message out.

When I got into Facebook Advertising I actually took my website offline and tried to run everything off of my page.

Not all businesses can do it but there’s a good chance your business could forego a website all together and simply use your page.


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