You will remember


One of the most dramatic moments in the movie “The Abyss” finds one of the main characters working through breathing liquid oxygen for the first time since being a fetus.

He is prepping to make a deep decent into the ocean.

He was well aware of the science behind the liquid and was sure in himself as he put on his helmet. As the liquid got closer to his nose a panic set in and he loses it.

His crew had to restrain him as he fought to save from drowning. The terrified look on his face showed how helpless he was. Those around him knew he’d be ok but to him this was the end of his life.

One of the crew members yelled out to him “we all breathed liquid for nine months, Bud. Your body will remember”

This scene comes back into my mind every time I have a moment where I’m scared of change or overwhelmed by emotions.

As my heart twitches and aches and screams and fights to save itself I have to whisper lovingly “You will be ok, You will will remember.....”