When paths split


Hand in hand the girl and boy walk down the path they began so many years ago. As they round the corner they see the end of their lives calling for them in the distance.....beautiful, radiant, warm, full of love and peace.

They stand there for what feels like an eternity basking in the warmth coming from the distance.

When they look to each other they are startled to find the young friend they began the path with is no longer there. In their place is a wiser older soul staring into their eyes.

While they were busy gazing at the birds and the trees and the water and the flowers along the path they failed to see that their sweet young companion had grown.

The path ahead has two options for them to choose from.

One path is filled with excitement and growth and unbelievable love that fills the girl with a passion beyond belief.

The other path is filled with everything the young boy ever wanted. The warmth, the love, the smiling faces, the sense of belonging, and the joy that he has always wanted.

Tears down both their faces as the two sweet souls realize that someone is going to have to sacrifice in order for them to continue on the path together.

But who gets to choose? Who is the one that gets fulfilled? who will have to sacrifice in order for the other one to be happy?

"I'll meet you at the end", the sweet girl says to the boy with the most tender eyes filled with love.

Hands clenching tighter, struggling to let go at the divide, the two souls smile as they let go their clinch and walk towards the warmth of their own path.

From time to time at a distance, they see each other through the thick forest brush.....glimpses of their sweet friend smiling and enjoying their path filled with its own unique treasures.

Until we meet at the end...........