And in the beginning, the two young saplings, being pushed from side to side in the driving wind decided to join together to become One.

As the years went by the One grew tall and stood above the rest. At some point, the rain and the bugs and the dust and the curiosity began to weaken the One until there came a time when the weight of it all could not be held up.

So it fell.

Broken, alone, and exposed the One became sad.

Then one day the sun shined on one of the saplings and it was given the courage to grow. Still drawing from the One it began to flourish and grow a new life.

When the sapling came to a point where it contemplated leaving the One it stopped to talk to the other sapling.

"Be courageous, you can grow too....I'll wait for you and we can grow our own paths together. But before you grow you must reach out to our own saplings and have them journey with us as well"

So here it is, majestic saplings who could have simply died when the One was broken and damaged and instead now draw on it for strength to become their own Ones.

Majestic, beautiful, with awe-inspiring strength so special, that when the others had been taken down and are gone it's left there standing for all to see how the will to live and flourish is the most powerful thing on earth.