Rise and Honor


There the fallen King knelt as his heart sinks into defeat.

His life, his Queen, his castle...... everything that fed his fragile ego had been stripped away from his grasp.

As he weeps, he calls out for his queen to turn back round and clutches his chest.

Watching the tears and the blood and the sweat stain the snow he hears footsteps coming his way.

“Rise King!” In a powerful voice he’s never heard before

“Rise and Honor!”

“Honor every moment, every child, every pain, and every joy.

Honor the euphoria and the despair.

Honor every moment that was ever us by going forth and building a new Kingdom!

A new Kingdom so glorious that all that was, everything you’ve ever done, had a purpose.

When you do this you will not only honor yourself but you will truly honor us”

The King stood up, wiping the tears and the blood from his face, filled with hope and inspiration.

As his once Queen turns towards her band of warriors and mounts her horse the King asks,

“But where will you go, what will you do?”

Taking inventory of her powerful warriors, then putting her hand over her heart, she smiles and answers......

“I’m off to build my own “