A beautiful mess


Standing there I gaze out into the forest and take inventory.

She's not tidy, She's actually a mess.

Fallen limbs.

Dead leaves.

Misformed trees with uneven arms reaching in all directions.

Crisscrossed branches and damaged tree bark.

Careless and unorganized and without any sense of direction, order, or care.

"This is my problem", I tell myself, "this is how I have always been, careless and unorganized and without any sense of direction."

She's beautiful though. All of her colors and textures and details.

An absolute stunning beauty that I can't stop staring at.

She didn't know I would be walking by so she didn't have time to "fix herself up" before I arrived.

To be honest, I'm not sure she cares.

She just is, she's so busy growing and nurturing and living that she hasn't the time to make sure she's perfect.

I doubt she even knows I'm here so I'll capture her and be on my way.

Before I turn I whisper out, "You're beautiful, I love you, don't ever change"

"And so are you", she calls back......." and so are you......"