Logo Design

Logos are your chance to convey who you, your company, or your project is. Logos are complicated though and often times companies will have one logo they keep instead of adding variations or additional logos for departments and projects.

Using the apps below you can create your own logos and add to your film or other project. I recommend the three below that range from novice to intermediate in difficulty,.

Canva Logo.png

Canva - Desktop and Mobile (free)

Canva is a fantastic app you can use to create a number fo different marketing materials from flyers to banners to logos.

My company logo was actually made on Canva. Their templates and option to upload items you can add to your logo make this a great tool.

Exporting with a transparent background (recommended especially for video) does cost money but is worth it per download or per month subscription.


Placeit - Desktop ($29/month)

Placeit.net is a little expensive but gives you the tools to create logos using templates that are industry specific.

Changing colors and icons are easy and placing the logos on mock ups (both video and photo) make this a powerful option.

The only downfall is you can’t upload your own icons and the templates are not 100% customization. That begin said there’s enough there for a powerful logo for most projects.

Envato Elements.png

Envato Elements - Desktop ($19/month)

This is an option for those that can work with Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. This subscription site has a ton of templates, graphics, fonts, videos, sounds, songs, and yes……logo templates.

Great professional templates you can load into your graphic editor and with the right level of skill modify to make gorgeous logos you can fully customize and scale large enough to put on the side of a building.

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