24 Dalby Water Wheels

Here is the original photo taken before modifying any colors

Here is the original photo taken before modifying any colors

Driving to the Union Square Deli yesterday I passed the Dalby Water Wheel nestled in a thick layer of fog. I was a few minutes late for my meeting as the gears starting to turn in my head.

”that wheel never looks the same”

”sometimes it’s sunny outside, sometimes it’s raining, I swear I’ve never seen the same wheel twice”

That’s when I turned the car around and headed back to snap this photo. I wanted to capture it in that very moment and share. As I looked at the wheel the thoughts came rolling in again…

”I wonder how many buckets there are on this wheel?”

”I should take this photo and show as many different looks of the picture as there are buckets”

Here’s how it came out……..

Different color layers I added using an app Photoshop Express which I have on my IPhone

More edited photos done right inside Photoshop Express

These images are made with a fun little app called Oilist. The fun thing for someone like myself is Oilest will take a photo and apply various levels of “paint” in the styles of famous painters.

  • Van Gogh

  • Escher

  • Manet

  • Kandisky

  • Cezanne

  • Picasso

  • Monet

  • Afremov

  • Hokusai

  • Marsden

  • Klimt

  • Anselm Kiefer

  • Munch

  • Kokoschka Soutine

  • Maxfield Parrish

  • Jennifer Bartlett

Various styles within the artist that you can see transform your photo in live time as if the painter themselves were breathing life into the picture.

The Dalby Water Wheel is a great spot to stop and take a photo. There are 24 buckets in the wheel each with their own layer of moss and growth clinging to the surface on every turn. If you have 5 minutes swing a U turn one day and stop to take a look.