$12 on Hood Canal


The other day I stop by a place that I have been to several times this last summer. I typically stop by in the mornings on the way out towards Union and Hoodsport, or in the evenings when I'm heading back.

Sometimes I stop for a restroom break. Sometimes I stop for a quick stretch. Often times I will stop and practice a little photography or filming on the beachfront or while on one of the trails across the road.

While filming some water scenes for a project I happen to look to the left of where my camera was set up. It's over in a section that I hadn't really explored before near the boat launch and there was a smell coming from that direction.


I've smelled the scent of salmon carcasses as they begin to decompose on the shorelines before. It's a unique smell that fills the air and certain areas of the Hood Canal during the various salmon runs.

This smell confused me because I was in an area I hadn't thought Sam and came to but the smell was similar.


When I walked over towards the docks that were  on land I quickly noticed the various barnacles attached we're probably dying and giving off the scent.

As I was about to turn away I notice this little spot of land that was just passed the docks right on the water.  As I got closer I realized this area was a campsite.


I've always dreamed  of the home on the water, the campsite on the river, or being right on the water as I open up my tent early in the morning.


“$12 per night” is what the sign said. I looked at the spot, then look back at the sign, out towards the water, back to the sign, look behind me to see if anyone was looking and laughing that I had been tricked, and then looked back at the sign that still said $12 camping.

I'm a big technology guy I'll buy the new phone and install every new app I can because I love everything that is gadgets. my business is based online and I rely on it for all of my communication and capturing moments. for $12 I could unplug from the world of electronics and be a part of the canal.

There are several campsites and RV spots at Twanoh State Park, plenty of areas where you can be next to the river and in the woods, but there's something about this little spot that makes me smile.


The view is absolutely gorgeous and even the sounds of cars passing by couldn't drown out the amazing sounds that come from the nature that's right outside your tent door.


Twanoh State Park is a favorite of mine for so many reasons and just like today, I found another reason to fall in love with this little spot that forces me to stop and pull over whenever I drive by.


I'm looking forward to trying this spot out and a tent later on this year even when the weather turns, especially when the weather turns,  for the price of a latte and a muffin I can fill my emotional cup with the beauty of the Canal.

I love to hear if anyone else has stayed at this spot or has another spot that they love. Have a wonderful day.