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The North Mason Chamber of Commerce has worked hard to become one of the region’s leading business organizations. Your membership investment makes all of it possible, supporting our substantive agenda designed to help our businesses—and our region—prosper. 

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 The Chamber of Commerce is comprised of businesses, organizations and individuals that join the Chamber. Together, we work to to improve the quality of life and to connect our businesses with our community in order to build a healthy economy.  We do this through Advocacy, Promotion and Education. 


 The Economic Development Council of Mason County is a proactive, results-oriented community based partnership working with more than 125 associates to assist businesses in locating or expanding in Mason County. 

Who's Tygart Media?

(Yup I wrote a lot here)

Hello I’m Will Tygart and I own Tygart Media. 

I’ve been a resident of Mason County for over 25 years but up until recently I have always worked in Seattle.  

One day my bride Carli and I were discussing our passions.....our dreams......and I filled her in on a dream of mine.  Growing up as a military brat (both parents are Marines) I never really had a sense of “home”.  

We would transfer from base to base, state to state, and even country to country.   I was always the new kid in school and was deathly shy.  I was the kid that ate lunch in the library because I was too intimidated of the “cool kids” at the cool kids table. 

I ended up meeting my bride in my senior year of high school and moved out to Allyn a short time after.  my bride’s family and friends had generations of history in the area and I was always the “guy from the outside”. 

I spent my work days in Seattle and my weekends with my family.  I never really met any of my neighbors and never explored Mason County even though I lived in it. 

That night I told Carli that I wanted “to have a business in Mason County....I want to use the business as a way to get to know and help my community.  I wan’t to know the insurance guy who’s at the gas pump next to me.  I want a home” 

That day is when Tygart Media was born.   

“Tygart” because I wanted everyone to know there was nowhere for me to hide.  

It’s my name, I’m the one doing the work, and I’ll be the one to make sure you're done right. 

“Media” because “Tygart training, marketing, advertising, Facebook Ads, Instagram stuff, YouTube Ads, Video Commercials, Websites, Facebook Pages, and anything else you see in my toolbox that I can help you with” doesn’t make for a good logo.  

I’m pretty good at helping companies succeed, be it with my services or someone else’s (including their own)  I work almost exclusively in Mason County. 

I work with non profits, businesses, festivals, organizations, government agencies, and everything in between.  Some pay for my services and some are able to use my services no charge.    

As with everything, it all “depends”. 

When it comes to local advertising and marketing using the Facebook Platform (Instagram, Facebook, Audience Network) or YouTube (Video Commercials) there are very few on the planet that are as good as I am.  

(wince, I know) It seems pretty arrogant to say that but don’t let the small county fool ya, there are plenty of World Class professionals that live and work in our County that I would measure up to the best in the world. 

I provide weekly workshops in Hoodsport, Belfair, Shelton, and Union that are no charge and sponsored by both the North Mason Chamber of Commerce and the Shelton-mason Chamber of Commerce.  

I produce an “online show” called the Mason County Minute that spotlights various companies and stories within Mason County.  

I also produce 5 area “online news outlets” that spotlight stories and events within the communities (Allyn, Belfair, Shelton, Hoodsport, and Union) that are a mixture of audience provided content as well as original content created by local writers.  

My favorite type of company/organization/person to work with is one that: 

a) Takes the time to read an entire article like this  

b) Will reach out to ME and ask me to work with/collaborate/consult on a project they need help on. 

 ****From time to time fellow Facebook Advertisers will frequent my page/site.  

If you are reading this and this is you please feel free to reach out I’m very approachable.    If you dig into my Facebook Page and the videos enough you’ll find a bunch of stuff that will help you with your clients.   

Feel free to click on the “Info and Ads” button on any of the pages I’ve mentioned to get a sneak peak inside the Ads I am running for the various pages.