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Local Expertise 🤝 Meet 🤝 Local Business

Tygart Media combines professional marketing and advertising knowledge with local know-how to take your ads to the next level. 📶

❇ Online & Facebook advertising
❇ Business consulting
❇ Brand marketing
❇ Film, video & photo services

We have experience with a *range* of companies, from florists 💐 to fire departments 🚒 to coffee shops ☕ (because duh, it's the Pacific Northwest.)

Plus, just like that farm-to-table restaurant you ate at last week, we're also hyperlocal. We price our services on a sliding scale, based on what YOU, the local business owner, can afford. What a concept! 🙇

Book a consultation now! We can even complain about the weather a little while we're talking strategy 🌧:

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“In 30 years of advertising in all types of media I’ve never seen results as effective and affordable as Will can do”

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